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Flowerside brings the magic of cannabis to your special occasions. Let us sprinkle a touch of joy into your celebrations.

Welcome to Flowerside,

your premier destination for elevating events with our mobile cannabis trailer services.

Located in the heart of a prime area surrounded by wineries, distilleries, and breweries, as well as being in the wedding capital of Texas, we bring the party to you, whether it’s a private gathering or a public event.

Our array of cannabis-infused products caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. From delectable edibles to cannabis-infused drinks, we offer a range of options to suit every palate. Rest assured, all our products are of the highest quality and comply with state regulations.

Our services are designed for:

Social Events


Birthday Parties

Corporate Events


Welcome to Our Journey!

At Flowerside, we specialize in creating unforgettable experiences tailored to your preferences. Our team is dedicated to providing a professional and knowledgeable service, ensuring that your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

What sets us apart is our ability to customize your party experience. From the selection of cannabis-infused products to the overall ambiance, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back vibe or an upscale affair, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Join them on their journey as they redefine what it means to embrace cannabis — a journey fueled by compassion, curiosity, and a whole lot of fun.

About Us

Meet Christy and Haley, two passionate cannabis enthusiasts on a mission to revolutionize perceptions and promote the remarkable benefits of cannabis.

Driven by their love for this incredible plant and a genuine desire to help others, Christy and Haley are committed to fostering a community where cannabis is embraced for its natural healing properties and boundless potential for joy.

With a firm belief that education is key, they’re dedicated to debunking myths and eliminating stigmas surrounding cannabis. It’s not something to fear; it’s something to explore and celebrate.

At the heart of their mission is a commitment to quality. Christy and Haley firmly believe that when it comes to cannabis, excellence matters. They’re here to champion the importance of sourcing the finest products for optimal experiences.

But their vision extends beyond just education and advocacy. They’re here to bring the party to you! With their mobile trailer, they’re hitting the road, spreading joy and knowledge to parties and events throughout the hill country.

So Dream on with them – Let your imagination run wild to new, never dreamed of places and spaces.

Contact Us

When you choose Flowerside, you’re not just hiring a service – you’re investing in an unforgettable experience. Let us elevate your party to new heights and leave your guests talking about it for years to come.

Contact us today to book our services and embark on a journey of cannabis-infused delight!

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